Release Date

Master Mosquiton (dub)

  • Genres:
  •  Manga, Anime
  • Country:
  •  Japan
  • Director:
  •  Satoru Akahori
  • Duration:
  • Year:
  •  1996
  • Actors:

The beginning of the series starts with various wonders of the world just appearing out of nowhere and materializing in the middle of major cities. These wonders include the Easter Island Moai (stone heads) and Noah's ark. The series then takes place at an all-girl Catholic school, as Hitomebore Inaho, the most popular girl in school, is living her normal life. When school is out, Inaho returns to her home, where she is amused by the recent appearances in the major cities.

Later that day, a mystical circle appears in the middle of the Catholic school's courtyard. From the circle, a powerful vampire named Alucard Von Mosquiton appears in front of a school girl. Inaho hears what appears to be the girl screaming. Hopping out of her window, Inaho runs over to the school and sees the school girl appearing to be hypnotized. Inaho finds several other girls in the same condition as she searches for the vampire. She soon finds the vampire in a hall filled with school girls. Inaho throws holy water, crosses, bibles, and other objects at the vampire. The vampire doesn't appear to get any weaker, and soon his two guard elementals: Honoo, a fire elemental and Yuki, a snow and ice elemental, appear next to him. This soon leads to a chase that ends at the top of a tower were Inaho finds a stake. The stake seems to be effective, and Mosquiton backs away, but when the two guards attack Inaho, Mosquiton jumps forward into the stake, blocking the two attacks. The guards turn into kid versions of themselves. Inaho then sees a light outside the window, she grapples it and it becomes a beautiful diamond.

Inaho places the vampire into his coffin, and she uses a drop of her own blood as the catalyst to revive him.

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