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Queen Insoo

  • Genres:
  •  Drama
  • Country:
  •  South Korea
  • Director:
  • Duration:
  • Year:
  •  2011
  • Actors:

Drama series depicts the ill fated relationships of three women and their destinies - Queen Insoo dreams of becoming the most powerful person in Joseon, Queen Yoon who suffers misfortune and Queen Junghee.

It has been a year since King Moonjong became the King of Joseon. King Moonjong has become sick and worries about his young son, Crown Prince Danjong. Meanwhile, the king's younger brother Prince Sooyang has his eyes on the king's throne.

A party is held in the palace. Han Jung and her sister go to attend the party. Han Jung is the youngest daughter of noble man Han Hwak. Han Hwak is also a high ranking public officer and also a position appointed by the Ming Dynasty. Han Jung, meanwhile, isn't like the other women from noble families who are calm and obedient. Even with her young age, Han Jung is set on becoming a queen. Walking in the palace, Han Jung tells herself that she will become the queen. Han Jung loses her sister while walking around the palace. While roaming the halls she meets a young man. Han Jung identifies herself, but the man doesn't say who he is. The young man says he will take her to room where the party is held.

When they arrive, they see Prince Sooyang dancing in front of King Moonjung and other public officers. Han Jung gets a good impression of Prince Sooyang. Han Jung tells the young man that Prince Sooyang is the only one fit to become king among the five princes. The young man warns her not to talk like that. If somebody hears that she can find herself in big trouble. Nevertheless, Han Jung says that she will become sick if she can't speak her mind. The young man smiles. Then they go to the area where the women from the royal family has refreshments. Han Jung asks the man again who he is and the young man replies that they will meet again if it's meant to be. Then he walks away.

King Moonjong leaves the party early due to sickness. He thinks of Prince Yannyeong, King Sejong's older brother, who told King Sejong to appoint Prince Sooyang as the king rather than sick Moonjong.

Han Jung waits outside of the refreshment area for her sister to come out. Prince Sooyang's wife and other women from the royal family comes out. Prince Sooyang's wife is not happy that Han Jung is at the palace, because Han Jung is not part of the royal family. Prince Sooyang's wife and the other women from the royal family go to see the fireworks. While all the people at the palace watch the fireworks outside, Han Jung goes inside to where the queen stays. Han Jung sits in the queen's chair.

Song-Yi's father is dead, but they don't have enough money to even buy a coffin. Song-Yi's father abandoned his wife and son, to live with a concubine as his wife.

Han Jung sits in a tree, telling herself that she will not become a concubine for the King of Ming Dynasty. Han Jung's two aunts became concubines for different kings of the Ming Dynasty and when the kings died her two aunts were buried alive with the kings. Han Jung then threatens her father that if she is forced down she will either jump off the tree or hang herself. Han Jung also tells her father that she has decided to become the daughter-in-law of Prince Sooyang, after seeing him at the palace. Han Jung's father states that Prince Sooyang has two sons and that the oldest son, Prince Dowon, is of age to marry. Han Jung's father promises to her that she will become the daughter-in-law of Prince Sooyang.

When Court Lady Kim passes by Song-Yi's house, Court Lady Kim hears of her desperate situation from the neighbors. Court Lady Kim feels sorry for Song-Yi. She then walks into the kitchen and finds Song-Yi making porridge for her deceased father. Court Lady Kim goes to talk to Song-Yi's mother. She offers to take Song-Yi into the palace and support Song-Yi's family. With the help of Court Lady Kim they can bury their dead father. In front of her father's tomb, Song-Yi promises that she will become a king's concubine and replace the current tombstone with a large tombstone.

Kwon Ram talks to Prince Sooyang about the marriage of Han Jung and Prince Dowon, but Prince Sooyang's wife strongly oppose the idea, due to the bad reputation Han Jung's father got after sacrificing his two sisters. Prince Sooyang also does not like Han Jung's father Han Hwak. Nevertheless, Kwon Ram persuades Prince Sooyang that having Han Hwak on his side can be of benefit to Prince Sooyang.

Now, Han Jung insists to her father that she needs to see Prince Dowon before they get married. Prince Dowon comes to their house. He walks into the garden where Han Jung is waiting for him. Prince Dowon asks if Han Jung requested to see him. Then, Han Jung turns around to see him and is surprised to see the young man she met at the palace.

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